Fino a qui

by Daniele Spanò
in collaboration with Luca Brinchi and Roberta Zanardo
performer Biagio Caravano and Roberta Zanardo
soundtrack Pino Pecorelli

Progetto presentato in anteprima assoluta a Ring Festival curato da ALDES e
sostenuto da Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, Regione Toscana
con il supporto di Comune di Lucca, Opera delle Mura di Lucca
in collaborazione con Provincia di Lucca
e i partner della Rete di SPAM!, Comuni di Porcari, Viareggio, Massarosa, CAV / Fondazione Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta
si ringrazia il Teatro del Giglio

Through the use of video projection and sounds, the aim is to transform the façade of the Teatro del Giglio into a bright and dinamic surface, functional to the story.
Not only an action focused on enhancing the façade, but the creation of a continuous dialogue between the architecture and the issues of the artist's quest: the possibility of finding an-other function for architecture, the relationship between an intimate space (the theatre) and a common space (the square), the idea of surface as an element that both separates and joins the inside and the outside, the relationship between body and architecture.
Human shapes emerge from a deep darkness heading towards us, their impact with the surface (the façade) brings visual and aural distortions.